For Investors

Making investments work their hardest

OGP Capital helps investors access the most rewarding opportunities. We look for the most effective structure in every transaction, always seeking growth and ways of securing capital.

We believe that investments best realise their growth potential when business, investors and advisors work in tandem.

Investing in growing companies

Seeking impact, maintaining integrity

We bring a selection of the most dynamic businesses, world-changing ideas, impact-making companies to the investment community. We work with each company to ensure that they are best-placed to generate the highest returns and support them in their growth through the life of the investment. We seek businesses who have a sense of heart and integrity in their work.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we build – we get to know the management teams, and strive to bring value to investors and business beyond the equity transactions.

Protecting capital, maximising returns

Deploying and protecting investor capital is at the heart of our work. Our partner network brings expertise in asset management, and tax efficiency.

We help parties to arrange transactions to take the fullest advantage of generous tax structures, globally.

Managed Accounts

Hands-on Management

We provide managed account solutions and investment management for investors seeking to balance their asset portfolios across listed securities.

Focussed on performance and liquidity

We set ourselves ambitious benchmarks, working hard to bring exceptional returns and access to funds when needed. Our trading team have over thirty years of combined experience, and offer market-defining standards of attention to the investor’s needs.